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    February 2018
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    Teachers inspire me, and I’m one!

    I love teachers. Many of my good friends are teachers. After a summer of travel and home improvement (my wife and I call it “practice retirement”), we had a birthday party for a teacher friend who is like a sister to me. Many of my other buds were there as well. One was an English teacher who always reassured me that I was on the right path and doing good work. There was a department chair who sensed my mood late in the year and directed me toward a task that helped me pull out of it. There was also a social studies teacher who makes me laugh so hard that I need Kleenex…and many more.

    They are the reason I am working to strengthen our union. The biggest similarity shared by this amazing group of people is that they are teachers: the funniest, best- educated, and most caring people around. Why wouldn’t anyone want to support and look out for these great people?!?!

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